ADD Bloggers & Google Scholar, the black hole

Well, it’s certainly been a while since my last post. Should I feign surprise or guilt…? Promise to inundate the cybersphere with inconceivable amounts of… posts…? Once upon a time, I would have… but come on. Let’s face it: I’ll write like five things on here, probably all on one topic, because I’m all excited about something, and just as quickly I’ll vanish and leave my poor blog to decay as my neglect crushes its fading spirits…

Whoa. Things just got dark. Anyway, sorry to have vanished. I promise to inundate the cybersphere with inconceivable amounts of…posts. Cross my heart.

And for the first wave of my inundation, there are two things on my mind I’d like to flood your brains with. The first was the profile of an ADD blogger, which I’ve already discussed. The second is the task of researching literature, particularly on Google Scholar and the like. ‘Lit searching,’ as I call it, is not so much a small but important task before one writes a research paper… but rather a monstrous vortex that draws you into its fierce gravitational pull until nothing, not even your flimsy thesis statement and hopelessly convoluted outline, can ever hope to escape from its orbit. I mean, for god’s sake, there’s a button you can click that brings up two dozen “Related Articles” and another that brings up just as many articles that CITE the article I’m looking at. And odds are, I’m not looking at an article that’s even remotely relevant to my topic. Actually, it’s fairly likely I don’t even have a topic yet. I’m just jumping into a lit search, seeing where the treacherous waters of the research ocean will take me (hint: the answer is 8 hours into the future, with a headache, and a class to attend with no sleep).

Maybe it’s because my brain is just… nature’s little bottle of entropy (chaos in a can), but I suspect that I’m not the only one who never learned how to structure a research paper… how to RESEARCH for a research paper… and how to not care passionately about the topic I finally do decide upon. Of course my heart inevitably ends up ruthlessly murdered by the brutally pragmatic professor who says my ideas are too “broad” and “grandiose” for a 10-page paper. He tells me I need to “narrow my scope” and make it more “workable.”

I feel like my existence is too broad and grandiose for the rest of the world, for whom a 10-page paper is wholly adequate. I’m not sure I’ll ever be “workable.”

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