Trash day?


Oh you know, just… half my college career’s worth of garbage.. no big deal.


2 thoughts on “Trash day?

  1. Pheeny says:

    I SOOOOOO get this!!! Seriously, you`d think after stepping over the pile because its taken over the doorway would be a hint, but naw, it seems to usually require the self-consciousness of a visitor coming to make me do anything about it besides get annoyed.

    • Tell me about it. Sometimes even visitors — or apartment complex inspectors!! — aren’t motivation enough to make me take even ONE bag of garbage out. I either go bananas and clean my whole house top to bottom, or I do absolutely nothing until the last possible moment when any move I make will bring a tower of garbage and clutter raining down upon my head. Either the mood strikes (pfft yeah right) or disaster strikes. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one! So many people are visibly repulsed when they walk into my house… it’s not great for the ego, haha!

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